Lazuli Communications (Lazuli ltd.) was established in October 2013 focusing mostly its work on IT Solutions and Telecommunications. In light of Republic of Croatia entering the European Union, Company directed its focus beside IT and Telecommunications on Project Development, Implementation and Evaluation. The core of the company is the staff with expert knowledge in the abovementioned fields.  Lazuli ltd. today is a company which works in two main Portfolios: 

Portfolio 1. Telecommunications and IT Solutions

IT Security- solutions of integrated logical and physical protection (solutions to better manage the security and flow of information, business processes and systems) with quality analysis and monitoring  
Network Solutions- Design and implementation of complex network solutions based on the technologies of world known producers; Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, D-Link 
Data Centre Design-  Design of data centers, Centre construction, equipping data centers with high technology, providing security for facilities and equipment, central data infrastructure management
Sales of services and products to clients / customers
Capacity Development 
Increase in visibility of customer services 
Our cost-effective, reliable and innovative Contact Center Solutions (CCS) help your Enterprise Contact Center in  becoming a strategic part of your company business. 
CCS  are used in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, financial services, government, outsourcing and more.  Having CCS  enable companies, public and government sector: 
Reducing costs and improving customer interactions
Driving satisfying customer experiences
Quickly scale for fluctuating call volumes




Portfolio 2. Project Development, Implementation, Evaluation 

Preparation and implementation of EU projects in the area of Education, Environment Protection, Human Security, Social Inclusion, Gender 
Preparation and implementation of UN, other relevant national and international organizations projects in the area of Education, Environment Protection, Human Security, Social Inclusion, Gender
Providing short term project and programme consultancies in the area of Education, Environment Protection, Human Security, Social Inclusion, Gender 
Preparation and development of projects related to development of business networking and  feasibility studies, business modeling, management, human resources management, sales, marketing, procurement and logistics
Evaluation of projects Public Relations, Communications and Awareness Raising 
Development of marketing communications plan including strategy, goals, budget and tactics
Development of media relations strategy
Development and Implementation of relevant public relations activities
Development of Public Awareness Raising campaigns 
Use of social media to engage audiences across traditional and new media 
Evaluation of opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships and advertising on an on-going basis.
Preparation of content for press releases, byline articles and keynote presentations


  • Tamara Karaica
  • Matija Stolarik
  • Antun Palić
Project Development, Implementation and Evaluation Adviser/ Head of Portfolio 2
-Has 13 years of work experience. Started her career in OSCE where she worked as the policy and legal Assistant in the Rule of Law Unit. Continued in Council of Europe where she started with project development and implementation as the Project Officer in two EC-CoE projects (CARDS POLICE and PACO Impact). For last 8 years Tamara worked for UNDP Croatia, Nepal and Afghanistan (with short term consultancy support to UNDP in B&H and Kyrgyzstan) in the area of human security, conflict prevention, armed violence reduction, community security, youth violence prevention and education, gender both at the local, regional and national- strategic level. In the time on the field with multilateral organizations such and Council of Europe and OSCE she organized and participated in numerous assessments and distributions, often comprised of joint missions with UN, EU and other international agencies, national and international government institutions and NGOs. She managed multiple EU and UN project and programme activities, professional staff ranging from substance experts, associates, administration, logistics and finance in challenging circumstances and environments. Tamara provided relevant technical inputs and wrote strategies, guidelines, policy papers, manuals, communication materials in the area of human security, violence prevention, youth violence prevention, democratic governance, conflict resolution, community security and gender programmes and projects. Tamara holds Bsc. in International Relations and Diplomacy.
IT Solutions External Adviser for Portfolio 1
- Has fifteen-years of work experience which he gained through work on IT projects within the companies ENIAC, Carnet, Croatian Railways, Inter-net, Fenix computers. In the scope of his work, Matija implemented project E-Schools- Development of system for digitally mature schools which purpose was to pilot organizational, technological and educational concepts and to introduce ICT in education and business processes in selected schools. He further participated in one of the presidential campaigns through the creation and maintenance of web sites and implementation of the Internet campaign.  Matija holds Algebra IT and Graphic Design, Web Design Certificate, CISCO Academy CCNA Certificate, MOC Course Windows 2000 Network and Operating System Essentials Certificate  and Certificate for Service ADR 881 from Walther Data Gerstettn  in Germany.
Telecommunications Adviser/ Head of Portfolio 1
- Has 12 years of work experience in the area of direct sales and telecommunications. Antun worked for companies such as Significo, Bossiz, Vin-vin, O2Shop, Resolvo where he held the positions of Sales Manager & Director, Sales Trainer, Regional Sales Manager and Team Leader. During his work he mostly professionalized himself in the area of creation of annual unit and gross-profit plans and implementation of marketing strategies, analysis of trends and results, maintenance of professional and technical knowledge by developing and implementing educational workshops, development of individual coaching plans, and by providing resources, assistance and scheduled orientation drive- alongs for senior representative in the companies in which he worked. Antun holds Merkuri International Diploma in Professional Sales Skills and Diploma for Team Leader by Spiral of Excellence.
  • Contact Center Solutions (CCS)
    Powerful, customizable platform with advanced feature settings Robust security features enabling proper system safety Easier scalability of planned & unplanned call volumes Reducing costs and improving customer interactions
  • Project Development, Implementation, Evaluation
    Preparation and implementation of EU projects Preparation and implementation of UN projects Development of Public Awareness Raising campaigns Preparation and development of projects related to development
  • Telecommunications and IT Solutions
    Network Solutions IT Security Increase in visibility of customer services Contact Center in becoming a strategic part of your company business.
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